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Beach Fishing at its Best

Fishermen are welcome at Martello where you can always sure of a good catch from the Martello’s private beach both day and night.   

Best time to fish is from low to high water.  A big tide will net you the most fish and take care when walking out at low tide, as there are silt/clay areas which are easy to fall foul of in the sand – also sinkholes up to 2ft deep.   Always tell someone if you’re out at low tide and preferably go with a friend in case of problems.   At night, a good headlight is a must. 

Getting your own bait such as lugworm is easy at low tide, limpets, clams, butterfish, rag worm, maddies etc.

Pollack Mullet and Mackerel or Flat Fish are in good supply when in season. Also, Dabs, Huss, Pouting and Cod or Conger Eels are sometimes caught.

There is plenty of space, but please respect the safety of other beach users, pets etc, clear up your rigs and tackle after you and keep dangerous articles out of reach of children. 


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